Erotic Timeline


I compiled this collection for a retrospective presentation/lecture at Temple University in 2011.

At twenty years old, my artistic intention was to document a stylized version of my community, representing the lives of young punks and queers in San Francisco. I submitted a photograph to On Our Backs for a contest, which marked the inadvertent beginning of my dyke erotica career.

Suzie Bright, then editor of the magazine, called me to say I had won the contest, but she wanted to make sure the model was a lesbian. She was not accustomed to images of lesbians in dungeons, donning lipstick and lingerie. I answered that I sure hoped so, as she was my girlfriend. This began a lasting professional relationship with Suzie Bright.

In 1982, almost all images of lesbians were still the 1970s feminist vain – women au natural, at one with the elements. Feminine signifiers, such as make-up, tight skirts, high heels, and lingerie were considered fetishes of patriarchal society and deemed politically correct. Femme gender had scant representation.

Having established a style depicting power, sex, and lust, I continued to make erotic photographic work with queers and dykes, butches and femmes. Some photographs offer a tribute to and a twist on the 1920s-50s butch-femme culture that was not deemed politically correct in the 1960-1980s. Through the 1990s, I continued producing erotica for On Our Backs and many other LGBT publications, artists, and businesses.