Transfigure Books are also sold at the following locations:

Artist Corner – www.artistscorner.us/limited-edition-books

Leslie-Lohman Museum Bookstore

Otherwild – www.otherwild.com

The Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles – www.mocastore.org

Transfigure Project


Transfigure is a project of corporal self-expression, presented as an experimental, visual feast. A celebration of bodies that transcend the gender binary.

The full project includes a book as a companion piece to the video. The models were photographed in a paper doll stance, with the images separated in three places to create the look of an old-time children’s mix-and-match book.

The imagery portrays the complexity of gender and bodies and the ways in which these combinations may be surprising. In representing gender variant people/bodies, my intent is to illustrate that gender, sex, sexuality, presentation, and attraction are separate and, though they may intermingle at times, society/people should not assume that we are constrained by predictable versions of these variables.