Trans Imagery


This series was started in 2011 when Tania Hammidi asked me to photograph FTM’s, and male-of-center gender-queers for her up-coming book; Judgment Day: Fashioning Masculinities. The series has grown over the years to embrace both male and female trans. Devoted to exploring the grace, strength, and unique individuality transmitted by clothes and attitude. I believe panache comes from within, and we trans have it is spades!

I choose to photograph my models out in the world, in environments that represent a totality of style and essence. Clothing represents our differences in taste, culture, and social settings. Clothes can tell us a great deal about a person. They are social indicators, and often represent our social subcultures and beliefs.

In these photographs, I hope to bring out the presence of power in my models. My goal is to capture the power and wisdom that comes from a lifetime of standing proud for personal individuality and gender identity.